leaf May 1, 2012    Hoosiers concerned about abusive tree trimming practices of Indiana utilities.

Are the trees in your area being butchered by untrained electric company employees? Bring your concerns and voice your opinion by attending meetings to propose changes to the IURC rulings on how trees that obstruct powerlines are cared for.

Community Meeting: Saturday, May 19, 2012, 9am - 12pm
    Preview of changes to the IURC rulings

Final Public Hearing: Thursday, May 24th, 2012, 6pm

Visit Indiana Tree Alliance events page for location

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leaf Oct. 16, 2011    Irreverent Dreamers: The Legacy of Tom and Jane Dustin

By Annika Van Gilder

Discover the events that lead Tom and Jane Dustin down the path to establish the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, the conservation of our own Cedar Creek and many other environmental conquests to preserve the natural areas of Indiana.

This paper is posted with the permission of Annika Van Gilder. Thank you Annika!

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leaf September 15, 2010    Busy on Cedar Creek

Check out Photos by Tad Bowman at our Shutterfly site!

Thank you Tad Bowman and kayak group for their efforts in cleaning up Cedar Creek on September 11th!
This is a great example of what misguided folk can do to a beautiful stream. Let’s NOT use our rivers for dumping grounds!

"We had an extremely successful day for the Cedar Creek clean up. There are pictures posted under 00001 Cedar Creek to view. We collected over 50 tires out of the sandy bottom of the creek and nearly filled a complete dumpster full trash. Several of the canoes were so over loaded with river trash that they were only a few inches from taking on water. We had seven canoes that we had to unload two different times to make room for more river junk. There were two groups for different sections of the creek while walking the shallow creek bed and the upper side banks. We were all suppressed at the quantity of items and what all we found. There has never been a formal cleanup on Cedar since an early attempt in the 1980's but we found some items that went back to the forties. We had a big day on Cedar Creek but also all had a lot of fun. The sandwiches and soft drinks were a nice treat at the end of the morning. For local Scout Troop, Auburn voleeteers, and those not mentioned thank you for your help. I was suppressed that Fred and Jay were able to get that big semi tires into a canoe and with Lorie's help keeping us all moving. We had a big success today in keeping one of our local rivers clean." Tadd Bowman

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leaf Apr. 26, 2010    Friends of Cedar Creek on Facebook!