leaf  April 25,2019    New Invasive Plant Regulations

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Dear All,

I learned yesterday the rule became effective 18 April. Please see DNR’s link for a list of plants and additional information: .

There are two phases to the rule. Effective immediately, if a plant on the list is not present in IN, it is illegal to introduce it to the State (Note, all plants on the list are present in the state). Second, species on the list that are already in IN will be prohibited for sale, trade, distribution, barter, gift, exchange, transportation or introduction in one year, 18 April 2020.

The Indiana Plant Advisory Committee (IPAC) is actively working to update the existing official Indiana invasive plant list, which is available here: In addition, we are working on a fact sheet for the public, a power point for educational purposes, and a field guide that will include all regulated species. We will disseminate this information as soon as we can.

The IISC (Indiana Invasive Species Council) will discuss next steps (addition of Callery pear and Norway maple) at their next meeting, May 21. Meeting will be held at the TNC office (620 East Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202). Meetings begin at 10AM.

Please share this information.


Dawn R. Slack
Director of Stewardship
Chair, Invasive Plant Advisory Committee
Project Coordinator, Indiana Invasives Initiative, SICIM
(317) 829-3807 (office)

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